Commercial Cleaning Corps

"A Commitment To Excellence."

"A Commitment To Excellence."

Our mission

 Veteran owned and operated, Commercial Cleaning Corps is committed to providing quality service to the community. It is our belief that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. At Commercial Cleaning Corps we believe that a good reputation for honest, dependable & consistent service will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.

Why Commercial Cleaning Corps?

Your Business is Ours

 Commercial Cleaning Corps is the Cleaning & Organizational Consulting company that can properly handle your maintenance cleaning needs including those unforeseen mishaps requiring professional attention.  

What We Offer

  The best way to meet your companies’ maintenance cleaning/ organizational needs as well as meet the price your budget allows is to maximize the life cycle of your assets through one of our specially designed programs that provide you with many values and benefits such as:
• Specially tailored programs designed to uniquely meet your business and facility needs
• Programs created specifically to match your budget
• Year-round assurance that your image exceeds the expectations of both your clients and your employees
• Your business stays cleaner in between major services by having Commercial Cleaning Corps target your entry ways and major access areas to reduce the spread of dirt and debris into larger areas.
• A Personal Account Manager providing you a contact that knows you and your facility
• Multi-Service Discount Advantages
• Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly & Annual Billing Options available 

A Cleaner Environment

 At Commercial Cleaning Corps, we realize that the best way to keep your place of business looking squared away is by Pro-Actively maintaining areas as opposed to RE-Actively trying to bring them back to a like-new condition as a result of neglect. 

United States Marine Corps Veteran Owned and Operated

Maintenance Cleaning

The primary function of Commercial Cleaning Corps’ Maintenance Cleaning service is to ensure that of


The primary function of Commercial Cleaning Corps’ Maintenance Cleaning service is to ensure that offices and common areas are properly cleaned throughout the building. Commercial Cleaning Corps will mop floors, vacuum carpets, wash walls and clean bathrooms as well as dust all the furniture/ equipment and empty out all of the trash. To make sure that every nook and cranny is clean; all Commercial Cleaning Corps maintenance technicians perform their duties according to strict company standards.

Commercial Property/ Foreclosure/ REO Clean out & Preparation


 Commercial Cleaning Corps provides A+ attention to every detail when it comes to Commercial Property/ Foreclosure/ REO Clean out & Preparation. From a simple clean out of trash to a major trash, misc. debris & abandoned property removal Commercial Cleaning Corps will handle the assignment quickly and efficiently.  

Organizational Consulting



Commercial Cleaning Corps has a unique *Feng Shui-inspired approach when it comes to solving storage and organizing issues in the office. Whether your office has too much clutter, bad desk/ furniture placement or just an overall “Unpleasant” vibe upon entering… Commercial Cleaning Corps will work with you to create a more organized, productive and work-friendly environment. 

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